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Trained by a third generation European Jeweler, Thomas has over 39 years experience in the jewelery industry. For over 32 years, Thomas and his wife, Janet, along with Kim Allen, have worked together to design and create unique, original, one of a kind, and limited edition custom jewelry. At Jones & Jones, Jewelers, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail blend together to create beautiful and wearable works of art.
In an age where most of the jewelry has become just merchandise, and each piece is judged on how much it weighs, or how many stones there are, we still take tremendous pride in making jewelry to the highest standards. We still use stones of excellent quality and take the time to listen to what you have in mind. Our designs are fresh, exciting, and truly different than the mass market merchandise that one sees today. We pay attention to the small details so that each piece of jewelry we make is unsurpassed in value and beauty.