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The chief reason people become attracted to diamonds is the stones’ beauty. The beauty of a stone is directly related to its optical properties, or how it handles light. There are three factors involved in the way diamonds handle light. These three are brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation. Brilliance is the total white light returned to the eye from the reflections within the stone and from the surface. Dispersion is the separation of the light into the rainbow colors, like putting a prism into the sunlight. Scintillation is the sparkling of the internal and external facet reflections as the stone, the light source, or the observer moves. Optical science dictates exacting angles and proportions to which a diamond must be cut if maximum beauty is to be achieved. In other words, the better a diamond is cut, the more beautiful it will be. While, due to rarity, the color and the clarity are important in pricing a diamond, it is Precision Cutting to proper proportions that gives the dazzling beauty you expect from a diamond.
We offer the finest in Ideal cut Diamonds, from the best cutters. Featuring the EighStar® Diamonds, Polar Bear Diamonds from Canada, and also, the Hearts & Arrows Diamonds
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